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Fast PC Support is your one stop
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"Absolutely fine service. Worth the cost. It's just a great service."

"The finest PC Repair service period! Couldn't be happier with your expertise,communication and services provided. I'm recommending you to everyone I know."

"I would like to thank Fast PC Support for all your assistance in my recent purchase and the installation of my desktop. Your knowledge and the service provided was excellent."

Fast PC Support is open 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST 5 days a week
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Areyan Technologies, LLC
Terms of Service


By completing the registration process and providing us with your payment information (credit card, debit card, check, etc.) or by accepting any advice or following any instructions given by Areyan Technologies prior to registering, you agree to the following Terms of Service which govern our relationship with you.


1. Services


Areyan Technologies, LLC's provides Help Desk, and PC support services to its Members, Subscribers and Patrons via telephone or e-mail. Services are provided to registered users (Members and Subscribers) as well as single event users (Patrons) to analyze and correct hardware and software problems identified by users. We provide support for the hardware, software and peripherals as identified on our website


2. Access to Services


Registered users (Members and Subscribers) may access services by calling Areyan Technologies toll free at 1-888-5AREYAN (609-799-7997) and providing the service technician with your account ID and Password. Patrons may access services via our website for e-mail support.


3. Registered System


The Registered System is the system identified at time of registration including hardware (CPU, Monitor, Printer and other peripherals as specified) and software (Operating System and standard Program Packages). We will only service one Registered System per account. The Member/Subscriber may update the information provided Areyan Technologies at any time after registration re: the system to be covered under this agreement, however, only one update will be allowed per annual membership period.


4. Areyan Technologies, LLC's Responsibilities


Areyan Technologies, LLC will attempt to resolve Members/Subscribers problems as they relate to the registered systems. Our goal is to provide a 100% resolution rate. However, recognizing that system modifications may have altered technical specifications on any given system, we cannot guarantee that all problems will be resolved.


Areyan Technologies' service technicians are highly skilled and bring years of experience to our process resolution system. However, manufacturers are continually upgrading their technologies, and may not have provided us with recent information. In such events, we may ask you for additional documentation in an effort to resolve specific problems.


Because we may be required to service multiple users at once, we reserve the right to prioritize service requests so that more critical issues may be resolved before lesser ones. We understand that all issues may seem critical to end users, but we request your patience and trust in our judgment to resolve your issues in a timely manner.


It is our promise to you our Members/Subscribers, that we will provide courteous, professional service, without an overload of technical jargon, and an honest attempt to resolve any problem presented.


5. Client Obligations and Responsibilities


You as a Member/Subscriber are responsible for providing Areyan Technologies, LLC with information regarding the system registered with us, including hardware (manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.) and software (operating system, program packages, etc.) specifications, for providing us with contact information to use should we need to call you, and for providing us with valid billing information (credit, debit, check cards, etc.).


You agree to be bound by the provisions of these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, both of which are available for review on our website. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are subject to revision and may be so revised without notice to Members/Subscribers. Any revision of the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy will be posted on our website on the date of effective change.


You agree to maintain your account in good standing by not allowing unauthorized users access to your account or to use your user ID and password. Member/Subscriber services are non-transferable. You acknowledge that knowingly and willingly providing unauthorized users access to your account is a violation of the Terms of Service, and may result in cancellation of all service privileges, without refund of membership fees.


Your account must be up-to-date as to payment for services, and you acknowledge Areyan Technologies, LLC rights to payment for providing services, irrespective of its ability to resolve any or all problems presented. As a convenience to our clients, Areyan Technologies, LLC will automatically renew your membership/subscription on an annual basis, at the then current rate for the membership/subscription plan you have in place at the end of your annual membership/subscription period. Member/Subscriber may elect not to renew by providing notice to Areyan Technologies, within 15 days of annual membership expiration, by U.S. mail addressed to Client Services, Areyan Technologies, LLC, P.O. Box 411, Plainsboro, NJ 08536, or by e-mailing Client Services at


You are encouraged to back-up critical data prior to attempting any troubleshooting, and you acknowledge that neither Areyan Technologies, LLC nor its technical service representatives are responsible for loss of data, delays in service, or hardware failures which are not directly related to the problems being presented for resolution.




All products and services provided by Areyan Technologies, LLC are offered for the Member/Subscriber and are done so without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability. Areyan Technologies, LLC assumes no responsibility for content of any linked website, or for products, services or information offered through such websites.




In no event or circumstance shall Areyan Technologies, LLC be liable for damages of any kind resulting from the Member/Subscriber use of the membership/subscription services. This provision covers but is not limited to all damages, real or inferred, physical or monetary, resulting from loss of use, loss of data, delay, or inability to perform, as a result of services provided under this agreement.


8. Linked Websites


Our website may contain links to other sites which are not part of Areyan Technologies, LLC. We provide these links because we feel it will enhance your experience on our website and may provide helpful information. Linked sites are not under our control and are provided only for your convenience. We cannot assure that the operators of these sites adhere to privacy policies as we do. You are advised to check with these sites directly for their privacy policies before providing them with any personal information.


Linked websites are provided as a courtesy to visitors to our site, but are operated by other entities which have no relationship to Areyan Technologies, LLC. Patronage of these linked sites is at your discretion and risk. Areyan Technologies, LLC will review these linked websites for content to determine if they provide an enhance web experience for our visitors, however, we cannot monitor or be responsible for any content of these sites.


9. Force Majeure


Areyan Technologies, LLC will not be responsible for its failure to perform under this service agreement when such failure is the result of acts of God including but not limited to earthquakes, flood, hurricanes, or other natural disasters, electrical power failure, telephone outage, riot, civil action, or other man-made disaster, or computer security breach, or any other circumstance which is beyond Areyan Technologies, LLC's reasonable ability and expectation to influence or control.


10. Severability and Waiver


Should any provision of the Terms of Service agreement be found to be illegal, unenforceable or invalid, then said provision shall be held separate and apart from all remaining provisions, and the balance of the Terms of Service shall stand as if the illegal, unenforceable or invalid provision were not included, and all other provisions will remain fully enforceable to the extent provided by law.


Areyan Technologies, LLC has secured certain rights under the terms of this agreement and its failure to pursue and/or enforce its rights under any provision of the Terms of Service shall not be deemed a waiver of such rights.


11. Governing Law


Provisions of these Terms of Service shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with New Jersey law. Copyright 2003 Areyan Technologies, LLC,. All rights reserved. Revision: 5/19/03